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Deschênes Drilling Ltd is one of the most important companies of artesian well drilling, geothermal, industrial and commercial drilling in the Atlantic provinces.


With over 50 years of experience in the field of percussion drilling and rotary team, Deschênes Drilling Ltd is ready to undertake any type of drilling work.


In 1944, at 14 years old Ernest Deschênes started in business as a well driller, with a drill cable Bucyrus Erie 22W. The young owner hired a well driller with 43 years of experience named Mr. Wilfrid Labelle. M. Deschênes was lucky to have Mr. Labelle as a member of his team and gained from his experience and expertise.


Gilles Deschênes, the son of Ernest Deschênes is now the proud owner of Deschênes Drilling Ltd working along with his dear daughter, Jessie.

About Us

Our vision: To be a company recognized for customer satisfaction.

Deschênes Drilling Limitée
245 Mgr Martin ouest
St-Quentin, N.B.
E8A 2E6

Téléphone: (506) 235-2829
Télécopieur: (506) 235-2670


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