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Geothermal Wells

Artesian Wells

Residential Wells:

Drilled wells are made using a rotary percussion drill in the ground. A drilled well usually has 6 inches in diameter.

The province of New Brunswick requires 20 feet minimum pipes to prevent the well walls from collapsing and to avoid penetration of surface contaminants.

The rotary drill requires the use of liquid to remove the well cuttings.

Geothermal Wells:


The geothermal well and the artesian well are very similar.

There is only one difference between them. Because the geothermal well uses renewable energy from the ground, the tubes are passed into the earth to travel into the building.

It is possible to reach up to 70% savings with geothermal. It is easier to understand this method with the drawing. 

Elevator shafts and piles:
It is a cylinder that will perform the ascent and the descent.

The piles drilling are used to solidify a structure by inserting the steel tubes in the soil.

Heated water pump/water
Example of a double drilled pump

Submersible pump

Drilling for the pumping of the underground water.

Undergound water.

aquifer level

Drilling to discharge the water

to the underground water.

Heat Pump

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