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Steel, iron, stainless steel, aluminum (made to order)

Manufacturing Section

At Deschênes Drilling, you will find a variety of choice of iron and aluminum:
Angle iron, flat bar, round or square pipes, plates, checker plates, catwalk, metal deploy full round iron, full square iron, tubular (round, security bar / safety grating) and much more.



Deschênes Drilling is a supplier of equipment and drilling accessories, of submersible pumps and accessories and welding supply.

Tools Section 

For exemple: wrenches, adjustable wrenches, dices, deep dices, axes, screwdrivers, pliers, set of tools, power bars, ratchets bolts, nuts washers, lock washers, cement rods, threaded rods, metal paint (spray) , press, jacks, etc.
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Deschênes Drilling Limitée
245 Mgr Martin ouest
St-Quentin, N.B.
E8A 2E6

Téléphone: (506) 235-2829
Télécopieur: (506) 235-2670


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